Our expertise

All storage techniques.
All the skills to provide high-quality services.

Client centric and solution oriented, we offer a comprehensive range of services, expertly delivered to our clients.

At Geostock Sandia, we have experience working on all forms of underground storage facilities and we use our exceptional skill set to provide high-qualitytechnically advanced, and cost-effective solutions for all your product storage needs.

Types of underground energy storage

The underground

Salt Cavern
(Domal or Bedded)

Porous Media
(Aquifers or Depleted Fields)

Mined Rock Cavern
(Lined or Unlined)

No matter your location or conditions, we will work to find a cost-effective subsurface solution for you.

Products and energies

We offer storage solutions tailored to each type of energy, depending on the nature of the product, and always with the same assurances of security, sustainability, and minimal visual impact.

Domal and Bedded Salt Caverns

  • Natural Gas
  • Liquid Hydrocarbons
  • Liquefied Hydrocarbons
  • Compressed Air
  • Hydrogen
  • Effluent

Depleted Aquifers and Fields

Lined or Unlined Mined Rock Caverns

  • Liquid Hydrocarbons
  • Liquefied Hydrocarbons
  • Natural Gas (compressed or liquefied)


Underground injections

We have mastered deep fluid injections for over thirty years.

We provide injection services for the petrochemical and petroleum industries, as well as for the food processing and steel manufacturing industries.

Class I Disposal Wells

  • Hazardous Industrial Effluent
  • Non-Hazardous Industrial Effluent Permits and Petitions

Other Injection Wells

  • Class II and III Injection Wells
  • Salt Cavern Brine Disposal
  • Oil and Gas Waterflood Management
  • Oil and Gas Enhanced Recovery


Integrated Services

Geostock Sandia goes further to support underground storage and injection facilities with integrated project management, engineering and design, field operations oversight, and permitting services. Wherever our clients need us, we provide problem solving engineers and geologists (many licensed in various states) and support personnel who are experienced in getting your fluids downhole efficiently.


Our Integrated Services Offering

  • Regulatory Compliance – Our experts in regulatory compliance pertaining to Class I, II, III, V and proposed Class VI injection wells possess an extensive knowledge of state and federal regulations. We use this knowledge base to provide an engineered solution and a specific consulting response. State and Federal permits are prepared incorporating all requirements necessary under regulatory rules, in a format that is acceptable to regulators.
  • Geologic Evaluation – Geological evaluation of subsurface formations is utilized to provide the foundation for modeling and engineered designs that optimize storage and/or injection operations.
  • Reservoir Modeling – We use state-of-the-art modeling techniques and leverage our modeling experience to simulate the effects of injection and withdrawl on the target reservoir and surrounding formations.
  • Engineering and Design – Front end engineering design (FEED) studies are prepared by professional engineers to provide optimized injection and storage solutions. FEED involves an evaluation and review of well materials compatibility and integration of key geologic formation data to select the best technological approach for well installation and completion design.
  • Well Testing and Operational Support – We offer support from experienced engineers for well testing and maintenance operations, including problem diagnosis and troubleshooting, mechanical integrity testing, pressure fall-off tests, and fluid injectivity and compatibility testing programs.
  • Project Management and Site Supervision – We offer project managers and site supervisors who are skilled at integrating our personnel and subcontractor services on all field projects to ensure high quality standards and scope compliance.



We shape progress.

With an eye to the future, we continue to develop new tools and processes to meet changing demands and improve operational effectiveness for the benefit of our clients. Our drive to provide superior solutions for our clients is reflected in the innovative tools we have developed.


  • AIMS – Our Asset Integrity Management System is used to evaluate and monitor the integrity of storage and injection facilities, maintain compliance with current and new regulations, and develop risk-based monitoring and maintenance programs.
  • A-MINDSTM – With Analysis and Mitigation of Induced Seismicity, clients have the ability to analyze and mitigate the potential for injection-induced seismic events through real-time monitoring of subsurface operations.
  • GUSTTM Simulation of gas thermodynamics in salt caverns simulates thermodynamic exchanges between gas, brine and rock mass in salt caverns to keep an accurate accounting of gas storage inventory and to analyze movements of gas into and out of the storage cavern.
  • GEOSCOPE – Our data management system for underground storage sites enables real time data acquisition with all geological, hydrogeological, geotechnical and operational information related to a storage site stored in a single platform.
  • Regulatory Advocacy – Our regulatory experience and relationships help to minimize technical review time during well operations improvement and development projects.

Learn how our experience in underground storage of products and the subsurface injection of fluids in safe and cost effective manner can streamline your operations.